Photography of Life

About Capra

My name is Andreas Schuele, and I am a photographer from Leipzig, Germany. My picture-taking is about life as it emerges 'de profundis', from the deep. I am interested in profound feelings, expressions, articulations as they emerge and become visible in unforeseeable ways and situations. In my understanding, life in its profundity is not a human characteristic but pertains to all life in the physical world.
Any awareness of life 'from the deep' is inescapably tied to an awareness of vulnerability, of loss, and death. This, too, has increasingly become part of my photography.
Given this focus of my work, I tend to avoid extensive post-processing of my pictures, apart from basic adjustments of light, color, contrast, blur, and sharpness. In my view, photography is not so much about making things more dramatic or more beautiful, but about exploring their depth.